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Join us at Art Folk Gallery as we celebrate the year of Alabama Food with Reflections of Food in Alabama Art April 6th-26th Featuring the food inspired work of: Dori DeCamillis, Pinkie Bass, Wes Frazer, Tracie Noles-Ross, Byron Sonnier, Frank Fleming, Sean Pathasema, Jonathan Purvis, Justin Banger, Justin Butts, Erin Cunningham, Allison Rhea, Daisy Winfrey, Brian Francis and more!

Past Exhibitions

We Shot Rock & Roll Exhibit

PosterArt Folk Gallery is pleased to present "WE Shot Rock & Roll" - Alabama Photographers featuring Rowland Scherman. The exhibit, which opens Friday, July 29th at 5:00 p.m., will showcase works from nearly twenty photographers who have lived and shot music in Alabama, including very special guest, Rowland Scherman, who is attending.

The Alabama photography show, inspired by Gail Buckland curated "Who Shot Rock & Roll" currently running at the Birmingham Museum of Art, has pulled together both local and national images of the music scene. Ms. Buckland says "This is exactly what I was hoping for when the tour was planned. It's great that Art Folk is doing a companion show."

Iconic photographer Rowland Scherman spent many years in Birmingham as an integral part of the cultural scene. Owner of Southside's legendary Joe Bar, featuring Jimmy Colvin playing the sax, Rowland was also practicing his art far and wide during his 20+ year tenure in the Magic City. As Rowland says " I came for a week and left decades later".

Having begun as a musician himself in the late 1950s and having a hit early on, Rowland Scherman's entree into the world of Rock music was a given. Some of the most provocative and memorable photographs of music during the last half of the 20th century are those of Scherman's, including the Beatles first US concert and Woodstock. Whether on tour, in the studio, or "off stage," Scherman cultivated a vast portfolio documenting critical moments in American music. Perhaps one of this best known photos is the cover photo of Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, for which he was awarded a Grammy Award in 1968.

Also included in the exhibit are some of our brightest photography talents, along with up and coming ones, who've captured some of the most brilliant musical images, both on stage and off, happening in our state.

Arik Sokol
Beau Gustafson
Billy Brown
Brandon Brown
Cassandra Griffin
Celeste LaBorde
Chris Terrell
Courtney Williams
Jinx Stromberg
Joseph De Sciose
Karim Shamsi Basha
Lee Shook
Meg McKinney
Michael Sheehan
Roger Stephenson
Rowland Scherman
Scott Johnson
Thomas Diasio

Opening reception Friday, July 29th
5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

The "Alabama Jammer" guitar will also be on view opening night in conjunction with the Alabama Tourism's "Year of Alabama Music", along with music and surprise musical guests. BIography information from the preceeding list is available upon request.

From Scherman's official bio:
'In 1961 he became the first photographer for the Peace Corps, documenting the work of volunteers all over the world. His photos helped define the image of the agency we know today. He became a free lance photographer in 1963. His photographs appeared in Life, Look, National Geographic, Time, Paris Match and Playboy among many others... He has continued to shoot portraits, fashion photography and photo essays including “Elvis is Everywhere”, “Love Letters”(a freestanding human typeface), and “US 11” documenting life along the Alabama highway.'