About Us

Art Folk is a 501 (c)3 contemporary arts center in downtown Birmingham working to preserve regional arts heritage and provide a forum for socio-economic development through arts education. We are uniquely poised to reach into all areas of the community as downtown’s revitalization progresses and the arts community plays a significant role in that growth.

Our Vision - Art Folk was created in 2007 to expose area folk artists to the broader public and to celebrate the traditions of arts indigenous to our region. Since that time, Art Folk's mission has grown to include new and emerging artists, reflecting the past, present and future of art indigenous to the region. Art Folk's work is to educate the community and thereby promote regional pride for our artistic heritage. Art Folk curates rotating exhibitions to provide exposure of a broad number of area artists in folk and outsider art. These exhibitions are both for sale as well as on loan from local collections.

Art Folk believes in the impact our area's wealth of creativity and rich tradition of arts heritage. We assert that the public benefits from greater, more accessible exposure to these traditions. As a non-profit entity, Art Folk can reach deep into the state and bring the community into direct conversation with the arts.

Art Folk's mission is to further the enrichment of our culture and to provide important cultural information and experiences that are engaging and accessible to the public. Art Folk intentionally programs and designs for these purposes, with the preservation of heritage and the advancement of arts education specifically in mind. As an organization, Art Folk strives to ensure that all citizens have an equal opportunity to access the information we provide.